Breaking News: Luke Bryan to Release New Spring Break EP in 2014!

Breaking News: Luke Bryan to Release New Spring Break EP in 2014!

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It’s something of a Spring Break tradition now. You take a sun-filled trip to the sand for a week to party and you put in that Luke Bryan EP full of party anthems suitable for your mood. This year marks the sixth consecutive Spring Break release from Bryan, titled Spring Break 6… Like We Ain’t Ever, due out on March 11th. People have come to anticipate each years release, a little hello from Bryan between albums that gives them exactly what they need as the sun starts to pop out of the winter clouds.

This year Bryan will celebrate the release of the new EP by taking part in the Panama City Beach Spring Break concert at Spinnaker’s Beach on March 11th & 12th. In an effort to market the album to a crowd that will relate and enjoy the music, Bryan has been known to launch each of these projects with themed concerts and promotions. Clearly, 2014 will be no different!

“The songs for this project came together so fast,” Bryan said in a statement. “These special EP’s all began as a way to get new music out to the fans between studio projects. I feel like year after year we get a little bit better at writing for this. I think with these new songs I would be proud to put them on any album we release.”

View the complete track listing below!


1. She Get Me High
2. Like We Ain’t Ever
3. Night One
4. Are You Leaving With Him
5. Good Lookin Girl
6. The Sand I Brought To The Beach

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