New Music: Miranda Lambert Gets Reflective on “Automatic”

New Music: Miranda Lambert Gets Reflective on “Automatic”

917B1C4CC33C5F985EAB9181970896F820143212367220There’s nothing I love more than when Miranda Lambert gets emotional and reflective. Lucky for me, both of those things happen on her new single, Automatic, released earlier this morning. It’s an invigorating track that reflects on the patience and hard work ethic that people used to possess, back before everything was about instant gratification, and how fast you could make something work for you. The little flashes of subtle memories that we so often forget, like shaking a Polaroid to get it to develop faster, cranking up our windows, and bringing your pen to actual paper; are visual images that everyone of a certain age can relate to. She infuses the melody with a rich sense of understanding, allowing you to believe that she misses those simple moments with all of her being.

The song itself begins with a sweet acoustic sensibility, her gentle vocals meandering across with effortless flow, until it meets the chorus. Miranda is an expert at rocking, powerhouse choruses, and while this is no Gunpowder and Lead it definitely raises itself up. It’s one of those choruses that makes you want to stamp your feet in agreement while your body sways to the groove of the melody. I love this song for being what it is, a throwback to when things were simple, when people didn’t expect to have good things handed to them. I love it for appealing to the sensitive side of Miranda (a la The House That Built Me) because that is my absolute favorite side to her. But that probably doesn’t surprise any of you, does it?

Hey whatever happen to waiting your turn, doing it all by hand

cause when everything is handed to you it’s only worth as much as the time put in

it all seems so good the way we had it, back before everything became automatic

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