Review: Locked in Love with The Lovelocks EP

Review: Locked in Love with The Lovelocks EP

There isn’t anything about The Lovelocks that I don’t love. The Toronto-based duo consisting of best friends Zoe Neuman and Ali Raney are the face of country music artists doing it on their own. With only the power of their fans to back them up, their social media campaign to raise money for their debut EP raised $30,000, an amount that allowed them to make the record they were dreaming of. From there, they hired award winning producers Ben Glover and Mitch Merrett to help the craft the beautifully lush sound that flows through every track of their self-titled EP.

They’ve got a little bit of something for everyone. Fans of the now defunct band The Wreckers will rejoice in their sugary sweet harmonies, same with Dixie Chicks fans, who will fall in love with their quirky, upbeat instrumentation. These girls play it all, from guitar to fiddle and mandolin, they’ve got this country thing down to a T. Their opening track LL_0335(website)“Dance” is a cacophony of sound, a truly stunning arrangement that you simply won’t be able to get enough of. There’s the rambling “Life Goes On,” with a soft vocal arrangement and a bittersweet lyrical storyline, contemplating the end of a relationship that just didn’t fit. One of my favorites is the reflective and emotional “18 & 17,” a story about young love and the fear of losing your freedom to your relationship. It’s a ballad where the vocals are allowed to carry the song and the instruments are merely back-up. That’s how perfectly connected their harmonies are. The fingerpicking, knee slapping “He’s My Man” has a more traditional, almost Pistol Annies, country style that is full of attitude with a sliding, angry fiddle. This more traditional sound carries itself into “Teardrop Tattoo,” a not-so-subtle reminder not to fall in love with the last idiot you dated. The EP comes to a dramatic end with “Darlin’ Don’t Cry,” a harrowing ballad about saving a love that seems to be fading, despite your best efforts. Everything about this song is powerful, from the surging fiddle to the wall of vocals that encompass the chorus.

I’ve been listening to The Lovelocks EP all morning and the only negative thing I can say is that it’s too short. Six songs are not enough. These two have already made some amazing things happen for themselves and I’m excited to see what comes next. I have a feeling it’s going to be big.

Take a listen to “18 & 17” below and purchase the album here.



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  1. Love love love The Lovelocks!

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