This Taylor Swift Fan will Make Your Monday

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Taylor_Swift_-_Red_Tour_19There are few things I love more than an innocent proclamation of love from a fan to an artist. Those moments when some quick thinking individual manages to skip past security and take matters into their own hands. I don’t advise anyone actually do this (I think you can go to jail for it), but it’s really adorable when nothing bad happens and it’s all in sweet love and desperation.

This Taylor Swift fan managed to do just that during the finale at her show on February 1st at the O2 Arena. One of the first of a number of shows Swift will be performing overseas. What I love even more is how Taylor behaves. Some random ends up on stage right next to her and she actually reaches out to shake his hand when he’s turning to leave (after delivering what I assume is a love note). She doesn’t miss a beat. In fact, you’d think this was a normal every day occurrence for Swift.

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  1. Taylor handled it perfectly . The way some reported it over here , you’d think he went after her with an axe rather than a fan letter or whatever .

    • I can definitely see how the wrong person somehow slipping past security could end in disaster, but he seemed so sweet about it, and so did Taylor. I hope he didn’t get too much of a hard time for this!

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