Music Monday: Lucy Hale Reveals Album Cover & Track Listing for “Road Between”

Music Monday: Lucy Hale Reveals Album Cover & Track Listing for “Road Between”

The June 3rd release of Lucy Hale’s highly anticipated debut album, Road Between, is just around the corner. In celebration of the up-coming release Lucy asked her fans to help in revealing the album artwork this morning across multiple social media platforms. Her more than 9.8 million fans all came together this morning to unlock the image through the use of hashtags and retweets. It’s no surprise that #UnlockRoadBetween quickly became a worldwide trending topic, as fans eagerly did their part to get their first glimpse at the cover.


Not only did we get the beautiful image, but we were treated to the track listing and songwriters credits of the album as well. The album features a number of Nashville hitmakers including Hillary Lindsey, Ashley Gorley, Mike Daly, and Kacey Musgraves; just to name a few! Lucy’s debut album, Road Between, will be available for pre-order starting next Tuesday, ahead of it’s official release on June 3rd. Check out the track listing below!


1.  “You Sound Good To Me”: Written by Ashley Gorley, Luke Laird, Hillary Lindsey
2.  “From The Backseat”: Written by Mike Daly, Jimmy Robbins, Nicolle Clawson
3.  “Nervous Girls”: Written by Hillary Lindsey, Tom Douglas, James Slater
4.  “Red Dress”: Written by Todd Sherman Clark, Jessica Lee Mitchell
5.  “Goodbye Gone”: Written by J.T. Harding, Melissa Peirce, Andy Dodd
6.  “Kiss Me”: Written by Mike Daly, Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley, Lindy Robbins
 7. “Road Between”: Written by Melissa Peirce, Mike Daly
8.  “Lie A Little Better”: Written by Melissa Peirce, Mike Daly, Chris DeStefano
9.  “That’s What I Call Crazy”: Written by Ashley Gorley, Chris DeStefano, Kacey Musgraves
10.  “Love Tonight”: Written by Lucie Silvas, Jeremy Spillman, Jonathan Ian Green
11.  “Just Another Song”: Written by Mike Daly, Lucy Hale, Catt Gravitt


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