Hump Day Music: Jill & Julia Debut “Wildfire”

Hump Day Music: Jill & Julia Debut “Wildfire”

Las Vegas natives, Jill & Julia, are two sisters born and raised in one of the entertainment capitals of the world, so it’s no surprise their love for creativity and desire to study music was ingrained in them from the very start. The singer-songwriting duo have been making music together for five years now, allowing their talents on piano, guitar, and vocals to create pitch perfect harmonies and deeply organic and authentic country tracks. With¬† influences that range from Eric Church to Kacey Musgraves, their music is built on simplistic instrumentation and honest, smart lyrical stories. The lead single off their self titled EP, Wildfire, contains all the attitude of a Miranda Lambert song while possessing the authenticity of more classic country.


They’re not screaming at you while they croon, “this city’s going down in flames and you’re the only one to blame for the wildfire I’m burning up” but allow their vocals to remain smooth and languid through every melodic twist. They toggle their voice from melody to harmony, each getting their chance to shine, each showing their mastery of the harmonic art. It’s no surprise that their performances at state fairs and vocal competitions across the nation garnered the attention of Lamon Records in Nashville, who signed them to their first deal and released their debut EP, Jill & Julia, just this week. Their incandescent energy is littered across every track, while their passionate pleas and word work remain a consistent thread in their songwriting style.

Check out Jill & Julia’s video for Wildfire below. Head over to iTunes and pick-up a copy of the EP if you like what you hear.


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