Music Monday: Dustin Lynch, Frankie Ballard & More

Dustin Lynch – Where It’s At
Dustin Lynch takes a page out of the books of Jake Owen and Florida Georgia Line on his new, feel good single “Where It’s At.” Full of heavy production, slamming drums, and a lush chorus; there’s something distinctly summer about this single. Released just as the weather is beginning to warm up across the nation after an extremely cold winter, it’s seems to be exactly the kind of song listeners will be looking for. It’s definitely a different direction for an artist that was made famous off of dirt road country tracks like “Cowboys and Angels” and “She Cranks My Tractor.” It’s less twangy country and more pop leaning, which will probably fair better with the current direction that country radio is going. To be fair, I could use a little more twang in my country once in a while, and don’t really feel that we need another “Beachin” style artist on the airwaves. Hopefully, this doesn’t speak for the entire upcoming album release.


Frankie Ballard – Sunshine & Whiskey

Frankie Ballard’s newest single to hit radio is the effervescent Sunshine & Whiskey. While this is also a song well suited for some summertime airplay, it sets itself apart with  Frankie’s undeniable southern draw and the hand clapping sing-a-along style. It’s less beach and more cursing down the open road with the windows down. It’s got a slow groove that drips like honey all over Frankie’s attitude fueled vocals, making for a dynamic and fun track that you can’t resist moving to. While it’s a fun summer song, it still sets itself apart from the overly produced tracks coming to radio these days, a little more fun chock full of instrumentation that actually stands out. It’s not a strictly boxed in sound, you can hear the talented players, you can hear the harmonies; and that’s what makes it so much fun.


Chasin’ Crazy – That’s How We Do Summertime

From what I can tell, Chasin’ Crazy is the the boy band equivalent to country music. The lead singer (Jimmy James Hunter) has a Josh Turner voice, deep as can be, melting over the melody. While a lush vocal harmony rushes through each and every chorus, a mix of highs and lows that is undeniably addictive, it’s everything a 1990’s Backstreet Boy fan can still appreciate. A summer time anthem featuring skipping banjo, the song That’s How We Do Summertime is so much fun that you kind of can’t stop listening to it. I really don’t know how to comprehend this band at the moment, they’re equal parts pop and country, and they may or may not be able to break through the dynamic of solo male stars. They’ve got the Hunter Hayes looks and the Josh Turner voice, there’s just so much here that could be great. I guess we’ll wait and see…


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