New Music Tuesday: Kip Moore’s Impactful “Dirt Road”

Southern or not, there are many of us across the world that have grown up questioning faith and what lies in store for us in the afterlife. The confusion, the dedication, and the misinterpretations that litter so much of our faith are exactly what make up Kip Moore’s new single, Dirt Road. The long awaited track is what Kip believes is a reflection of his 2487623_20140409130225_1306415320upcoming album, coming later this summer, and a song that fans have been hearing and rooting for for some time now. The title itself is misleading, perhaps on purpose, not at all the dirt road anthems we’ve heard endlessly from the likes of Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line or any influx of other “Redneck” country that comes out of the woodwork more often than not. It’s decidedly the opposite of all those.

The song is a reverberating arrangement of sound, powerful in it’s lyrical impact, but just as much in the lush instrumentation that swells right into the chorus ample with harmonies that build a wall of sound around you. Kip’s signature grit and howl run rampant on the single, conveying the youthful wanderings of a frustrated youth in the most dynamic way. It’s different than the previous lead single that was set for the new album, Young Love. Less reflective, less romantic, but ten times as powerful. There’s no doubt that Moore and his band of writers (including Westin Davis and Dan Couch), can effortlessly paint a memorable picture in the mind of the listener without dumbing anything down, something that is incredibly hard to find in country music these days. Despite the rampant display of trucks and pop-country monotony, there are still artists out there who speak to their listeners like they are intelligent and thoughtful individuals. Because we are intelligent, and it’s nice to have writers like Kip Moore, that understand that and cater to it, purposely or not.

Dirt Road is available on iTunes and Amazon today. If you like it, buy it up, people! Lets support our artists!


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