CMChatty Awards: We’d love you FOREVER if you vote for us!

CMChatty Awards: We’d love you FOREVER if you vote for us!

The lovely people over at CMChat are hosting the first ever CMChatty Awards in celebration of their 3rd birthday! The 1st Annual #CMChatty Awards are set to honor people in country music who are influential to you on a social media/online level. The beauty of these awards is that you can nominate absolutely anyone, from the big fish to the small fries (IE Jukebox Mixtape).cmchattys-Country-Outfitter-Joes-Bar2

We’re only at the start of our second year here at Jukebox Mixtape, but we would absolutely love to be included in these nominations and see our name spread a little in the country music scene. If you’re willing, here are some ways that you can vote for us, and other amazing country enthusiasts you may follow.


We promise to pay y’all back with some fun giveaways and prizes for those that take the time to vote for us. Here are some suggested tweets that will make it easy for you to do so for Round 1 (more information below).

Can’t get enough of up-and-comers @JukeboxMixtape for #CMChattys #MustFollowBlog! They’ve got my vote!

Gotta vote for those crazy Californians @JukeboxMixtape for #CMChattys – They love that Country Music #MustFollowBlog.

Ain’t no party like a @JukeboxMixtape party. Voting for them for #CMChattys #MustFollowBlog!

Or you know, be you and do your own thing. We trust you.

Nominations will be accepted via Social Media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.







Round One (May 1-9) begins open nominations solely using Twitter and tracked by, using #CMchattys, the artist’s name, and #MustFollow, plus the category.  Top 10 Most Nominated will move to Round Two.

Round Two (May 12-16) starts the voting process where fans will use Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus to submit their top choices, narrowing nominations down to the Top 5 (determined 40% by Twitter, 40% by Facebook, and 20% by Google Plus).



Round Three (May 19-26) marks the final round of voting via Winners will be announced LIVE from Nashville, Tennessee the first week of June, including the coveted #MustFollowHeadliner, Presented by Country Outfitter.

We appreciate everyone who takes the time to read our blog, share our links, and have engaging discussions about music with us. We really love doing this and hope to continue for a long time, and we’d never be able to imagine a future for Jukebox Mixtape if it weren’t for our loyal followers. Thanks to all who vote! We’re so glad to have you!

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