Music Monday: Carrie Underwood & Miranda Lambert Define Girl Power on “Something Bad”

If you want to make me happy just combined country music and girl power, and you’ve found my sweet spot. As a female that’s basically grown up in the industry, it makes me shake with excitement to see women not only supporting each other but coming together to create beautiful music, despite the constant dribble that tabloids print to pit them against one another. Never have I been more excited to see this than with Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert bringing their two powerhouse voices together on one track. The explosive single “Something Bad” is an anthem to women taking hold of the moment, breaking the mold, and coming together. It’s fun and flirty, and full of attitude,
everything you’d expect from the two out spoken, incredibly successful women. The song debuted last night on the Billboard Music Awards and showed both women in all their glory. Beauty, brains, and courage.

More than that, it’s got a rock edge to it that suits both of their voices, particularly Underwood’s. Her voice soars over each and every chorus, coming back down to meet Miranda’s fiery undertones, and when they meet in harmony it’s truly something to hear. Their voices compliment each other immensely on the chorus. This is one of those country songs that’s going to get everyone on their feet and make every girl bring out their wild side. I can’t wait to see how this does on country radio, and my hope, is that it will do well. That their two voices together will make way for more women shining bright in the spotlight of country music more often.

Furthermore, a huge congrats to Carrie Underwood for winning Billboard’s prestigious Milestone Award last night. She had my vote, and it makes me so happy to see her walk away with that award in hand. It’s beyond well deserved.


Check out the video of Miranda Lambert & Carrie underwood performing “Something Bad” on the Billboard Music Awards last night. What did you think of the performance? Drop us a comment or tweet us @JukeboxMixtape

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