Stagecoach 2014: Easton Corbin

Stagecoach 2014: Easton Corbin

Florida born Easton Corbin brings a traditional sound to his brand of country. Since the release of his self titled debut album in 2010 he’s seen great success, from number one singles, to national tours, there’s no doubt that he’s making his mark on the genre. The audience at Stagecoach was ready and willing to sit back and take a listen to the crooner, guitar in hand, treat us all to something a little more classic. His deep, smooth voice is the kind that drips over the melody like honey on a hot day, pulling you in and keeping your attention.


Throughout his set he made sure to touch on all his hits, from the down home “A Little More Country Than That” to the fun “All Over The Road” he played to an audience that knew the words to each and every one. He even played his newest track off his up-coming album, “Clockwork” proving that he has his own distinct sound that he refuses to move away from. There was the dancy moment of “Lovin’ You Is Fun” and of course “Roll With It” to make for a well rounded, engaging set. Though Easton’s energy level isn’t like that of say, Luke Bryan or Hunter Hayes, he definitely has a dedication to the music that can’t be denied. He’s a no frills kind of performer who allows his focus to be entirely on his playing and the storytelling. He was the perfect pick to get the crowd ready for Jason Aldean, who also has music a little more rooted in back woods, redneck country.


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