Stagecoach 2014: Eric Chruch

Stagecoach 2014: Eric Chruch

Eric Church is one of the most dynamic performers in Country Music these days. From his present day outlaw attitude to his invigoratingly inspirational lyrical diatribes, there’s something about watching Church that sends an electricity through the audience. I’ve seen it on several occasions, in packed crowds that knew every word to every song, that don’t hesitate to hoist their boots up in the air in appreciation of the very lifestyle he encourages all of the “outsiders” to lead. The energy is so inclusive that you can feel it in the instrumentation just listening to a track; when you get to the course of “The Outsiders” and the drums swell alongside the electric guitar and a resounding chorus echos behind his vocals, you feel it. You live it.

That’s why it was a little shocking to see such a tame, laid back performance from Eric Church as the headliner at Stagecoach on the first night. While he had his moments where that spark flew through all of us, particularly on “The Outsiders” and “Lotta Boot Left To Feel,” for the most part the set list was stale, full of songs that only die hard Church fans would approve of. He lacked his normal energy, which could be do to his constant touring and we can’t fault him for that, but it was tough to watch. We had talked Church up to everyone who was with us, praising his electricity, his choice of songs, and his famous attitude. To our dismay, most of the people we brought with us found themselves sitting throughout most of his set, uninterested and bored.

Artists all have their off days, which I’m going to chock this up to. Eric is known for giving demanding and intense performances, and though I wish I had the opportunity to see this from my spot on the polo field, I have all the faith in the world that I’ll see it again soon.


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