Stagecoach 2014: Hunter Hayes

Stagecoach 2014: Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes is no stranger to the bright lights of fame. He’s a multi-instrumentalist that has been writing and performing since he was 4 years old, making appearances on local and national television shows like Rosie O’ Donnel and some Nickelodeon shows. Since then, he’s mastered more than thirty instruments, has toured with country heavyweights like Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift, and sold millions of copies of his debut single and 10253182_10152322545724754_1670202176_nalbum Hunter Hayes. He’s remained true to a fanbase that both appreciates and looks up to him, continuing to be humbled and down to earth in interviews and stage performances, writing music that speaks to the heart and soul of all young adults in the world. His newest single, “Invisible” is a shining example of that songwriting, the way that it encourages the courage to be who you are. It’s fitting that we should do this review today, as his new album Storyline is already at number one, even though it was released just yesterday.

Every time I see Hayes take the stage I’m astonished by his energy and effervescence. He’s one of those performers that lights up the stage within seconds. When I think about his ability to jump from one end to the other, engage his audience with antidotes about his geeky upbringing, and laugh at himself; I’m very much reminded of Keith Urban. You could almost say that Hunter came from the school of Keith. He’s both personable and phenomenally talented, though occasionally contrived in that he speaks to the teenage girls in the audience with swoon-worthy declarations that he wants them to feel wanted. I can’t really fault him for that, he’s speaking to his audience, getting on their level. If I were a 16 year old girl it would work on me, I’d be soaking it up while singing right along with him at the top of my lungs.

His Stagecoach performance was full of that same energy and, on top of that, all of the hit radio singles we could ask for. From “Wanted” to “Storm Warning,” his set list was perfect for both die hard fans and those of us who only know the single material. I got my fun dose of “I Want Crazy” and had a deep appreciation for his Stand Up For Yourself anthem “Invisible,” definitely remembering those days (long ago) where I felt like an outsider growing up in my hometown. One thing is certain, while I don’t listen to a ton of Hunter Hayes and know all that much about him, the more that he grows as an artist the more respect I have for him. I have a feeling he’ll be right alongside the Keith Urban’s and Brad Paisley’s of the world someday very soon.

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