Sundown Heaven Town Tour: Kip Moore Debuts New Song

Sundown Heaven Town Tour: Kip Moore Debuts New Song

Kip Moore sent the crowd into a flurry of excitement when he closed his set during Tim McGraw’s Sundown Heaven Town Tour with a brand new song. Written just weeks ago, Moore chose to forgo doing “Young Love” and opted instead for an edgy, rock tinged new single that we’ll tentatively call “Come And Get It.” The slow building verses launch into a full scale, electrifying chorus that seems specifically designed to get you moving. Moore’s voice, of course, melts over every single line in that gritty, seductive way we’ve all come to know. It’s the perfect song for him, from the lyrics to the tempo, he makes the song come alive even in a crowd that’s never heard it before.

It was the perfect cap to an already powerful, energetic performance at the Irvine Amphitheater on Sunday night. We could go on and on about how much we love Kip, but we’ve done that so many times already, it might just be best to share the video with you and a couple pictures. The tour was phenomenal, there’s nothing quite like the paring of Tim McGraw and Kip Moore to make a night seem truly magical. And, I don’t feel this way very often, but California left no doubt that we can show love to the country genre. You brought it, Cali, in much of the same way that Moore and Mcgraw did.

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  1. We saw Kip perform June 6th in Burgettstown PA and he played this new song. It was awesome. Just when I think he cannot get any better, he proves me wrong. I hope this song makes it on his next album because it is fantastic. Seeing him perform it standing right in front of him in the pits was great. He puts so much into his shows and you can tell he loves what he does. Hope he keeps on writing and playing those great songs. Hope he always does what makes him happy and he should go far!

  2. […] EP features the electric “Come and Get It” (which he debuted at the beginning of the summer when he opened for Tim McGraw here in Los Angeles). His voice drips […]

  3. Donna Qualls

    Hey kip. I’m Donna Qualls j love your music and you’re. Style and your cute ass and sexy too I want to attend one of your concerts but you’re not in my zone so could you please try to come to Columbus Georgia at the Columbus civic center that would be awesome.e or somewhere near by like Atlanta Georgia or somewhere near where I can go and I would love to meet you live and mert and greet . You’re looking good our there performing I just wanna meet you and see you live .Okay well goodbye and you be careful out there traveling o. Them roads .. Be safe ..

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