Kacey Musgraves Brings “The Trailer Song” to Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show

Last night Kacey Musgraves made her return to Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show to debut “The Trailer Song” live for the first time on television. Her performance gave the U.S. a dose of what she’s capable of, beautifully yet unabashedly honest songs doused in traditional country flare. Her bonus performance of “Keep It To Yourself” possessed all the anguish and frustration that the song deserves, with spot on delivery that showcases Musgraves as the story teller she is. She treated the audience to “The Trailer Song” as well, washing them in her quirky word play wrapped in sarcasm, allowing viewers to soak in the burning steel guitar and her pitch perfect Texas drawl. For those that weren’t aware of who Kacey was or what she’s been doing in the industry, they certainly know now.


One thing is for certain, Kacey Musgraves is bringing a traditional country sound to a whole new audience, and she’s doing it with the fervor of a pop star. She has no shame, no trepidations, and she doesn’t give a damn about whether or not her authentic and honest music makes it on the charts. As long as they make it into our hearts.
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