Music Videos: Luke Bryan & Keith Urban Take a Look Back

Music Videos: Luke Bryan & Keith Urban Take a Look Back

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This week two country superstars had treats in store for their fans in the form of music videos, Luke Bryan and Keith Urban, both releasing something for their next singles.

Luke Bryan debuted the video for his sentimental summer jam “Roller Coaster,” immediately capturing the essence of the song by building the sweet storyline right into the visual. While Luke holds his ground on a beautiful beach, a summer romance lights up the screen like a spark in the night. The two are instantly in love, jumping in the ocean and kissing by a bonfire, before saying their final goodbyes at the very end when their summer vacation ultimately comes to an end. It follows the lyrics almost perfectly, and though it doesn’t leave much the the imagination, it’s a beautifully filmed video that will make you long for that long summer vacation.

A little less exciting, but still fun, is the release of Keith Urban’s lyric video for his new single “Somewhere In My Car.” These two singles both carry the same thematic tale of wanting to go back in time and right one moment. “Somewhere In My Car” is one of my favorite songs off of Urban’s “Fuse,” and I’m excited to see where he takes it visually when the official music video gets released. For now, fans will have to settle for the taillights of the car in the lyric video, lighting up with the flash of the lyrics.

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