New Music Tuesday: First Aid Kit, Echosmith, Passenger, & Colbie Caillat

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The Swedish folk band, First Aid Kit, made up of two talented sisters Johanna and Klara released their third album “Stay Gold” today. After an incredible 2013 that had them jetting off across the world to share their music with the masses, including a show at Way Over Yonder here on the west coast, it’s safe to say this album has been highly anticipated. It has everything that FAK fans have been waiting for; etheral harmonies, introspective lyrics (please see below for my favorite line so far), and haunting melodic instrumentation. Tracks possess intriguing rhythmic vocal lines and authentic stories that allow their listeners to truly connect to each and every song. The first single, “My Silver Lining” is an uncertain, searching reflection of youth that fits well into the fabric of their fanbase. One thing is for certain, this is an album that will impress not only steadfast fans of the band, but garner new followers.

stay-gold-1401465944“I don’t know if I’m scared of dying but I’m scared of living too fast too slow…”

MUST LISTEN: My Silver Lining, Stay Gold, Shattered & Hollow


Another family band, Echosmith, released an all acoustic EP today, “Acoustic Dreams.” The four siblings Graham, Sydney, Noah, and Jamie Sierota make alternative pops music filled with kinetic energy. Born and raised in Los Angeles their influences range from Fleetwood Mac to U2 and Coldplay, all of which you can hear in their beautifully harmonic and distinctive sound. Raging drums and soaring vocals come together to create music that pulls you in upon first list (trust me, it did for me). The EP follows the release of their debut full length album just last year and is comprised mostly of acoustic versions of tracks off of “Talking Dreams.” Not being one for fancy synth and overproduction, I very much enjoy the sound on “Acoustic Dreams.”

MUST LISTEN: Let’s Love, Talking Dreams


Passenger returns with his cinametic yet subtle sound on his new full length album, “Whisper.” While several tracks bring a more upbeat feel to his previous records, it still has it’s emotionally jarring moments, thanks in part to Rosenberg’s ability to emote each and every line he sings with precision. His folky guitar sound is heightened with the use of aching violin and pounding rhythmic backings, bringing the sound full circle and making for more of a listening experience than anything else.

MUST LISTEN: Coins In A Fountain, Heart’s On Fire, Rolling Stone, Whisper


Colbie Caillat gets pop on her new EP, “Gypsy Heart Side A,” out today. The EP is full of wildly energetic songs and Colbie’s trademark laid back vocals, that still manage to climb high over every single track. It’s a different sound for her, but she doesn’t lose the ability to tell honest stories with lyrics that are actually meaningful, which pop music is lacking more than anything else. Check out “Blaze!”

MUST LISTEN: Blaze, Live It Up, Try

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