New Music Tuesday: “Somethin’ Bad” and “Day Drinking” Official Music Videos!

This Tuesday is blessing us with two new music videos from major stars in the country market, including the duet between Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood, “Somethin’ Bad.” The explosive video features the two running around conning people, stealing jewels, and generally just looking bad ass. Wrapped up in leather or long gowns, there’s a glitzy glamor to being their kind of criminal, even when they’re standing around taking their headshots they look perfect. The song itself was deserving of a creative and exciting video, and they definitely pulled that off, plus who doesn’t want to see good girl Carrie Underwood riding around on a motorcycle and being a little bad sometimes? I think it’s safe to say these two created a real hit together, and if this music video is any indication, people are going to want to see them together again really soon.


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Next up is the celebratory summer single from Little Big Town, “Day Drinking” off their up-coming album “Painkiller” (due out this fall). The scenic beaches of Miami, where they filmed the video, add character and excitement to the track itself, really bringing the energetic feel to life. Of late, the group has been known for hooks that won’t stop and anthems that get people up and going, the melodic aspects of “Day Drinking” are no different. It’s one of those songs that gets stuck in your head the first time you listen to it and just won’t let go. It’s a feel good celebration in one track, and to release this as the first single at the beginning of summer was a genius move, considering this will be blasting from every BBQ and tailgate party from Nashville to California. Check out the beachy new video for “Day Drinking” here!

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