Hump Day Music: Michaelis & The Shires Will Help You Through

Hump Day Music: Michaelis & The Shires Will Help You Through

Happy Hump Day! Here’s some great music to help you power through the rest of the week.

Michaelis – Game On

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know how much I love the up-and-coming trio, Michaelis. They treated fans and friends to their newly written song Game On via a live youtube video. And no shocker here, I LOVE IT! When these three start singing harmony just as the chorus hits, I get goosebumps everywhere. Seriously, EVERYWHERE. Their voices meld together in a pitch perfect way that makes the geeky musician in me go wild. More than that, the song is an adorable look at that first moment you realize you’re falling for someone. With witty lyrics like; from a woman to a man/let me say it in a way you can understand/I’m not afraid to get dirty/I wanna wear your love like a jersey. This is the love song all female sports enthusiasts have been waiting for, dedicated to the girl that can hang at a football game, and it’s completely adorable and feminine at the same time.

But instead of me yammering on about how much I LOVE Michaelis, why don’t you just check out the video below?

The Shires – Tonight

I just discovered this UK country duo, comprised of songwriters Ben Earle and Crissie Rhodes, who took their name in order to keep hold of their English identity. They’d hardly played more than a dozen shows when they were signed to Decca Records and Universal Music Nashville, becoming the first UK country act to be signed by a major Nashville label! And let me tell you, that label made the right decision. Their new single Tonight is a burning love song where folk meets country in the most authentic and natural way. Their voices rise and fall together in stunning harmony, adding a surge of energy to each one of their choruses. Their lyrics are full of imagery and emotion, adding a natural spark to an already melodic and memorable track. Please, if you do nothing today, go give them a listen.

Check out the preview below and then head to iTunes to buy their single “Tonight” now!

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