New Music Tuesday: The Cadillac Three, Tim McGraw & More

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The Cadillac Three – Party Like You

The Cadillac Three return with their gritty, southern rock party single “Party Like You” today. This in your face anthem lacks all the fine tune of current “bro country” singles and replaces it with in your face, electric instrumentation that never quits. Jaren Johnston is dripping with attitude on lead vocals, turning each phrase on a dime, injecting the melody with an effervescent energy inspiring listeners everywhere to get pumped up. For fans of classic rock (like Aerosmith and Creedence Clearwater), The Cadillac Three will fill every void that currently exists for you in country music. Being experts on their instruments (Drummer Neil Mason tears it up non-stop and there’s not an instrument Kelby Ray doesn’t shred on) and proflic songwriters in the Nashville scene, they turn out authentic hits that never shy away from raw, gritty production. If you listen to one song today, make this it.


Tim McGraw Ft/ Faith Hill – Meanwhile Back At Mama’s

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill joined together again for the new video, “Meanwhile Back At Mama’s.” With a song that looks back on childhood memories of growing up in the warm comfort of your mother’s familiarity, the video chose a beautiful set and emotional performance footage to convey the message. It’s always great to see Tim and Faith together, and this video is no different, never failing to showcase their love for each other with simple glances or holding hands. Every time I hear this song I get that ache to run home and let my mom take care of me for a day, and I have to say, isn’t that the mark of really great songwriting? Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments!


Ryan Adams – Gimme Something Good

I’ve always had a back and forth relationship with whether or not I was in to Ryan Adams. There have been some tracks of his that I loved and others that I couldn’t wrap my head around, which I’m sure says more about me than it does about him. But on his first single in two years, “Gimme Something Good” he possesses a subtle blues, rock sound that reverberates from start to finish. The atmospheric vibe, which the organ contributes to in surging waves, has a slight 80’s feel to it. Meanwhile his voice soars with heart and frustrated passion over each and every chorus. Overall, this is one of those Ryan Adams songs that I’m really into, something that I can make sense of and actually lose myself in. Check out the track below and let us know what you think!

Kenny Chesney – American Kid

Kenny Chesney is another artist I can never make up my mind about. While I love tracks like “Come Over” and “You and Tequila” there are a bunch of other songs of his I just can’t get into. That is not the case for “American Kids.” I love the hand clap beat, the sunshine in the guitar, and the callback vocals that echo throughout the chorus. The reminiscent vibe of the song reminds me of my own childhood on the beach, with bonfires and groups of friends piling into a car for one adventure or another. It’s a fun look back on childhood and freedom, while songs similar can be tapered down by a little twinge of sadness, the bopping vibe of this allows it to remain lighthearted and fun.

Here are some other new songs I’m super into right now:

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