TBT: Dierks Bentley “What Was I Thinking” Was 11 Years Ago

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We’re throwing it way back to Dierks Bentley’s first single “What Was I Thinking,” today. It’s been almost eleven years to the day since Dierks released his self-titled major label debut album back on August 19th, 2003. And what better way to celebrate the launch of his incredible career than reminding you all of his Justin Timberlake-esque hair blowing in the wind as he cruised down a dirt road. You know, before it was a perma-lyric in a country music song.

Watching this video again many years later, it’s great to see that Dierks has maintained his sense of humor throughout the eleven year span of his career, spawning even more fun-loving hit singles that we can’t stop listening to. On top of this jam, we now have “Drunk On A Plane,” “Am I The Only One,” and “5-1-5-0” to help us soldier on through those party weekends. Lastly, we’d like to thank Dierks for that haircut, as adorable as those curls were we love having access to your face.




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