New Music: Carrie Underwood Gets Rejoiceful on “Something In The Water”

Carrie Underwood does a lot of things well. But nothing quite as good as she does inspirational, uplifting music like that of her newest single “Something In The Water.” This powerful and emotional mid-tempo takes advantage of everything that Underwood brings to the table. From the soaring hymnal inspired vocals to the stirring emotional lyrics, “Something In The Water” is one of those songs that makes your heart beat start racing and causes tears to fall, all depending on when it hits you. The surging chorus allows Underwood’s voice to fly forth from the melody, open and free, as it climbs up the scale note by note in that understated way she has absolutely perfected.

tumblr_ncid2eFQ0r1qgzabeo1_500But the definitive moment on this track is when the lush choir of Amazing Grace surges beneath the timid, quiet chorus. A rejoiceful gospel choir fills in the space between her lone voice and the powerful instrumentation, before quietly fading out to allow Underwood to finish what they started. She belts the emotionally crippling lyrics with a charged, yet reflective energy.  The final moment fades out as she says “…was blind but now I see.”

You step away from this song feeling as if you can take on the world, and I like to believe that’s exactly why Carrie recorded it, hoping the rousing nature of the music would allow you to find your inner faith and soldier on. No matter what you might be facing.

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