New Music Tuesday: The Swon Brother’s Debut Shines Brightest on Inspirational Anthems

New Music Tuesday: The Swon Brother’s Debut Shines Brightest on Inspirational Anthems

The Voice’s The Swon Brother’s self-titled debut album is out today after a smattering of anticipation from country music fans. It’s an album full of inspirational anthems and feel good summer songs that make for a solid listening experience. Their emotive vocals pay tribute to the lyrics and stories they tell in a touching way, standing out as one of their best talents when it comes to making music. Clearly, there’s something in the water in Oklahoma, and if they keep turning out talents like this, country music will be in a great place.


Check out our track by track breakdown of the album below and then head on over to iTunes to pick-up your copy today!


Swon-Brothers-Album-Cover-ArtWhat I’m Thinking About

Is one of those feel good intro songs that are filled with lush vocals and a rushing choruses that swells right over into full blown instrumentation. It makes you want to get up and dance along to the soaring electrical guitar and the spot-on, vivacious vocals provided by the brothers.


Later On

This song needs no introduction, serving as the first single after their success on the 2013 season of The Voice, it’s received steady rotation on country radio and happens to be a fan favorite. Slamming drums and subtle banjo mingle together for a really fun, danceable first single that was written for radio and appeal mass appeal.


Chasing You Around

This is one of the first songs that really sounds like a country record to me, it’s not as boxed in with perfect production, the instruments seem more authentic and clear. Not to mention the story, which begs the question of whether or not a woman is in love with the chase or the man. I enjoy when the brothers get a little less produced and a little more real, with those crystal clear harmonies really getting the opportunity to breakout like they do here.


Songs That Said It All

A sweet love song that reflects on the very first time you meet someone that has a profound affect on you. Whether it’s cutting lose on a dance floor or having a conversation that you’ll never forget, it’s a theme that runs through a lot of country music these days. The Swon brothers wrap it in a flowing melody and swelling harmonies, capturing the essence of remembrance in a way that is perfectly romanticized.


Pray For You

The Swon Brothers do a lot of things well, but offering words of inspiration and hope that really touch the soul is one of those things that they do perfectly. Pray For You is the first song you come across where you feel this sense that they have a solid direction, which presents itself when things get emotional and, for lack of a better word, spiritual. This song could just as easily fit in during morning Worship as it could on country radio. And the best part? You walk away from it with this deep rooted feeling of peace.



A ballad that could just as easily fit into the latest Rascal Flatts release, this is really the first time you can hear the comparisons between these two bands, and find where the Swon brothers may have pulled some inspiration. A song about a failing love and the desire to get it back, it’s all harmonies and beautiful vocals, elevating the emotional impact of each and every verse. I’d keep my heart wide open, take the bullet, take the blame for you. I would chase any dream you could dream of, ain’t a part of me I wouldn’t give up for you. Through the fire, through the rain, you’re the one my heart keeps chasing, even when it’s breaking…



After two solid tracks, it’s hard to return to 95, at least for me. While it’s a fun ode to summer love, it litters an otherwise solid album with even more filler that doesn’t speak to the talent within the bad. I get where this song will be a perfect radio hit when the time comes, but I can promise you there are better songs that reflect who the Swon Brothers are.


Pretty Beautiful 

On this track the brothers return to what they’re really great at; swelling emotional ballads that capture a sense of inspiration and beauty. On a song about inner beauty and the impact it has, more so than physical beauty, there’s an intensity that forces you to believe what they’re saying. I’d say this is one of the most beautifully produced and arranged tracks on the record, it definitely stands out as one of my favorite.



A break-up song with harrowing vocals and a sweltering chorus, there’s an anthemic aspect to so many of their ballads that give you that feeling you’re listening to something epic. Lady Antebellum and Carrie Underwood have used this type of production often in their recent releases, adding suspense to their stories with layers of strings and harmonies to truly fill out the entire song and turn it into a wave of sound.


Same Old Highway

They return to a more classic country feel on this track about the familiarity of that place you’ve spent most of your life in, and the inescapable need to experience something different, despite what might be holding you there (in this case, love). There’s steel guitar, acoustic guitar, and spot on harmonies that all come together to help tell the story of loss and love. Definitely one of the stand out tracks on this album.


This Side of Heaven (Featuring Carrie Underwood)  

If you want to know what I think about THIS amazing song, I’m going to refer you here.


What’s your favorite song on the album? Let us know in the comments below!

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