Album News: Check Out How FLAWLESS Maddie & Tae Look

Album News: Check Out How FLAWLESS Maddie & Tae Look

Maddie & Tae are slowly but surely taking over the world with their debut single and video “Girl In A Country Song.” I’ve been rocking it with the windows down for weeks now, unable to turn it off.  The song has already soared into the Top 20 at country radio and continues to garner steady, and well deserved, rotation. Not to mention their energetic performance on The Tonight Show that gained the attention of listeners far beyond the country music fanbase. So, my anticipation for their up-coming self-tilted debut EP is through the roof. Needless to say, even the album cover reveal from earlier this week made me giddy.  I mean, look how perfect they look:


In usual millennial fashion, the girls asked for fan assistance when it came to the big reveal, encouraging them to retweet and share posts across several social platforms. Moves like that continue to generate conversation and excitement around album releases, and for M&T that was no different.

But the real exciting stuff came in the form of a track listing. The EP includes three new songs, all co-written by the duo, and all bound to be as witty, introspective, and addictive as their lead single. That’s just a guess, but I’m sticking to it. Okay, I might be a little obsessed (but you know how I feel about harmonies).


Check out the track listing below!

1. “Girl In A Country Song” (Maddie Marlow, Taylor Dye, Aaron Scherz)
2. “Sierra” (Maddie Marlow, Taylor Dye, Aaron Scherz)
3. “Fly” (Maddie Marlow, Taylor Dye, Tiffany Vartanyan)
4. “Your Side of Town” (Maddie Marlow, Taylor Dye, Heather Morgan, Blair Daly)


What do you think of the cover? Are you excited for their EP?

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