New Music: Gloriana’s New Song is a Must Hear – Listen to “Trouble” Now!

New Music: Gloriana’s New Song is a Must Hear – Listen to “Trouble” Now!

As we mentioned last week, Gloriana’s new single “Trouble” is here! Spotify is offering fans an exclusive opportunity to stream the song before it officially gets released to radio or iTunes. The banjo heavy, country rock song blasts off with wild harmonies and energetic, no-nonsense attitude from the very first note. Rachel Reinert takes the lead for the first time on a band single, showing off those powerhouse pipes, and her ability to tackle upbeat music just as well as she slays ballads. I can’t get enough of the jumble of instrumentation that comes at you on the song, from fiery banjo to savage electric guitar, right around to that howling violin; it’s everything you could hope for in a country song. Oh, and it doesn’t mention a pick-up truck or blue jeans.

If you lie, lie, lie, with those wandering eyes
You better find one hell of a place to hide
If you mess with me, you best believe, that you’re gonna be…
Asking for trouble

It’s safe to say this is exactly the single that Gloriana fans have been waiting for; something that shows off a whole new side them, and gives new listeners the chance to see what they’re really made of.

Take a listen below and let us know what you think but leaving us a comment or tweeting us @JukeboxMixtape!

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