New Music Tuesday: Florida Georgia Line Release Same Old Music on “Anything Goes”

New Music Tuesday: Florida Georgia Line Release Same Old Music on “Anything Goes”

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In one of the most highly anticipated releases of the years, Florida Georgia Line have released their follow-up to their hit 2012 debut album, with just a slight departure from their party-centric bro-country style on Anything Goes. Just slight. With the success of hit singles like Cruise and Get Your Shine On, it was pretty certain they weren’t going to stray too far away from their winning formula, and they didn’t.

FGL_ANYTHINGGOESCOVER_WEBThough reviews like that of USA Today’s label the sound as more of  stoner-country than bro-country, we can assume they aim for the same thing; feel good music that you can roll down a dirt road blasting out your windows. It’s far from the heartfelt country music of their radio counterparts like Dierks Bentley or rebel heart Eric Church, but it’s a sound that has secured a place for them in the landscape of country music.

Anything Goes is one of those albums that has one hit song after another, but not much heart. If what you want is to blast some music while you play beer pong in the sun, this is the perfect album for you. Songs like Sun Dazed, Good Good, and Sippin’ On Fire will move right to the top of your party playlist in no time. Even as the cold winter months start to roll through.

While FGL isn’t what I would choose to listen to on a consistent basis, it’s clear taking one look at festivals like Stagecoach and CMA Fest, that there’s a need for that kind of music among the tailgaters and beer bong fans. For the rest of us, there’s plenty of music with soul out there, we just have to turn away from the radio to find it. You can buy Anything Goes now on iTunes.

Did you pick-up a copy of Anything Goes? What is your favorite song?

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