Throwback Thursday: Sometimes You Just Need A Little Faith

Do you ever have those moments when something comes to you exactly when you need it?  A song with a message that you probably needed to be reminded of, a landmark that brings back a memory, some sign you pass that on the road; little things that make you feel like you’re not alone and someone out there somewhere understands. I live for those moments. I often feel like they happen to me more than is probably normal. But that’s what happen today when I stumbled across this video of Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill performing How Great Thou Art for ACM’s Girls Night Out back in 2011. I’ve been dealing with some personal things lately that have taken a lot of strength to battle down my anxiety and believe that it’s all going to turn out for the better. In moments like that, I tend to find solace in my faith, which isn’t necessarily something I talk about all the time. But, incase you’re going through a hard time, or you’re just in the mood to listen to a stunningly beautiful vocal, I wanted to share this video.

It put a smile in my heart today and brought tears to my eyes. Hopefully, this will be that thing someone stumbles across that makes them feel like they’ve got people on their side.

Enjoy this Throwback Thursday, the week is almost over!


What do you think of this performance? Have you heard other versions of this song that you love? Share them in the comments!

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  1. Amazing video! Carrie & Vince are wonderful together. Thanks for sharing!

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