Way Over Yonder: The Lone Bellow Returns to Southern California (Photos)

Way Over Yonder: The Lone Bellow Returns to Southern California (Photos)

Brooklyn locals, The Lone Bellow, returned to Southern California this past weekend for a performance at folk festival, Way Over Yonder. The band has been on the road for the greater part of two years, promoting the songs on their breakout self-titled debut album. They’ve gained a loyal following, not only in their hometown of Brooklyn, but also across the country and right here in the heart of Los Angeles. From a successful headlining show at The Troubadour last year, to several festival and opening opportunities, their music has connected with their audiences in a way that so few bands accomplish.

IMG_2850Their set at WYO was short but sweet, including songs like the intoxicating “Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold” and “Teach Me To Know.” The audience was lost completely in each thump of the bass and pound of the drums, chanting the words to every song as if reading from a church hymnal. Every time The Lone Bellow take the stage they cast a spell over everyone in the vicinity, pulling you into the flawless harmonies and intimate stories, and making you feel as though you’re part of the entire musical creation.

Other highlights included “You Never Need Nobody,” the quiet and emotional “Watch Over Me” and a new track titled “Then Came The Morning,” which they performed for the first time at the festival. This east coast band never ceases to amaze, allowing even their quiet, music-less moments to enrapture you. They’re a must-see band that possess all the fire and passion you should demand from your music.

Check out the photos below and let us know what you think of The Lone Bellow by dropping us a comment.



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