Interview: Mallory Trunnell Gets Deeply Personal On Debut Album “Words”

Interview: Mallory Trunnell Gets Deeply Personal On Debut Album “Words”

Los Angeles singer/songwriter, Mallory Trunnell, is celebrating two things when she takes the stage at The Hotel Café on November 9th, her new album “Words” and her birthday! As a songwriter she pours her heart and soul into each and every word, building on her experiences in a way that remains lighthearted and effortlessly authentic. The distinct mix of singer/songwriter sentimentality and pop attitude bursts forth from her record like a firework. It’s addictive, the kind of music that you just can’t stop listening to. With a mix of Sara Barellies bold honesty and Katy Perry’s witticisms counted amongst her influences, her tracks encompasses a distinct and unique point of view. Her new album, “Words” features delicious pop hooks and inspiring lyrical adventures that open her listener up to a whole new view on life, love, and hope.

Before her album debut party at The Hotel Cafe, we had a chance to get to know her and understand what continuously inspires her to create. Get to know Mallory Trunnell below, and if you’re in the LA area, check out her show this weekend!

When: November 9th, 2014 @ 7:00PM (Doors @ 6:30PM)

Where: The Hotel Café – 1623 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Tickets: 21+ $10 –


Your show at the Hotel Café is the celebration of a huge accomplishment for you, the release of your album, “Words.” What excites you most about everyone having the chance to finally hear this album?

I think more than anything just to have something new out there in the woWordsCover-SansDoodlesrld finally. This album took a LOT longer than anticipated so it feels like a huge release for me, but what excites me the most is the chance for anyone to relate to the songs or find joy through listening.

You write lush pop songs that speak to real experiences everyone can relate to. How do you approach songwriting? What is your process like?

It’s consistently evolving. I suppose to me it’s an organized chaos. Sometimes a song takes me ten minutes (My Turn) and sometimes it take me over a year (Words) On this album a lot of the songs were written in a way that was very therapeutic for me. I wrote about my experiences to keep the demons at bay. I always try to be authentic and let myself just go through it and it almost feels like the music comes through me – not to me. I’m just a conduit. Looking back on the songs in this moment I feel like I have come out the other side – the experiences were all so long ago – and now they’re just fun to play because it’s all about making the listener feel something and release whatever they are needing to. That’s the best feeling ever and the goal of writing the song(s) in the first place.

What artists tend to influence the way that you write and the music you’re making?

I had a rather large variety of music around me as a kid – my grandmother would put on a lot of musicals and nostalgia pieces. Dad was super into The Beach Boys, The Turtles, The Temptations. My Mom had a really diverse palate and would play U2, Lyle Lovett, The Beatles, Annie Lennox and The Rolling Stones in the same 2 hour car ride between her house and my Dad’s. I’m also a total Hanson fan and big into artists like Sara Bareilles and Brandi Carlile. I joke that Katy Perry and Jason Mraz are my spirit animals. I think all those colors pop through in moments on this album.

The songs on “Words” come off as very personal, which songs would you say you have the strongest emotional connection to and why?

I think you hit the nail on the head with ‘Words’ of everything on the album it’s still the most current to me emotionally. I think sometimes people develop expectations of each other and I haven’t ever let anyone put me in a box. I’m very independent and sometimes I can get defiant about that in my writing. On the flip side – songs like ‘Tomorrow’s Coming fast’ is my way of letting optimism be the light I’m heading towards. I’m always grateful for every tomorrow

What first inspired you to begin writing and performing?

The song ‘Ruby’ sort of answers that question in my opinion. It was written for my late Grandmother who is a big reason why I learned to love music so much. She’s even on the song for a moment playing the piano – My Aunt found these wonderful recordings of her and we infused a little in there. I also think I got bit by the performing bug when I was in a play as a starfish at age 4. In the picture all the other kids look like they can’t wait to get out of the ridiculous costume but I’m center stage grinning like a little goof. I have just always known since that moment I think. Haven’t ever questioned it.

MTYou’ll be debuting many of these songs to the crowd at the Hotel Café. How does it feel to be playing these in such an iconic venue?

I’m so very honored and humbled. I used to run from my performing arts school on Yucca and Vine to The Hotel Cafe in my ballet tights and sneakers to watch people like Brandi Carlile, Bleu, Ernie Halter, Keaton Simons, The Rescues, Carney. Lots of these folks I consider friends and peers now so to finally be playing a set feels like I’m in the cool kids’ club in a very big way.

What is your favorite venue to play in and why?

Can I let you know after my set on Sunday? 😉

This is your first full length release, how does it feel to finally put your music out there? What do you hope people take away from your music?

It feels amazing and I’m just really grateful to everyone who has supported me through all of this. This album is like a little baby to me, so honestly I’m just excited to watch it ‘grow up’ by having the songs make friends with people who listen and hopefully connect and relate to them.

Now that the album completed and on the verge of release, what do you have planned next?Mallory

I’ve been pretty busy working on a new country roots rock Duo called Crimson Calamity. We just recorded an EP and we hope to hit lots of festive and eardrums in the next year or two. I’m very excited to start this new chapter. I have also been producing and writing with other artists for their projects so you’ll hopefully be hearing that side soon as well!

Last question, if you had to pick three songs to throw on a Jukebox while you’re out with friends, which three songs would you choose?

Ooh! That’s a hard one! Right in this very moment I would say “I am a Heart” by Hey Ocean, “10,000 Hours” by Macklemore and “Fuzzy” by the Randy Rogers Band – they’re all really fun songs.


Be sure to pick up a copy of Mallory’s “Words” when it is released on Tuesday, November 11th on iTunes!


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