New Music: Maddie & Tae’s Debut EP Is Everything We Need

New Music: Maddie & Tae’s Debut EP Is Everything We Need

Maddie & Tae came onto the country scene with a message that rang loud and clear across radio and news headlines. They were done with the pop country music that has taken over the airwaves, consistently painting a picture of women that are unfulfilled unless they can sit on the tailgate with a country boy. While the rest of their album doesn’t directly speak to this message, the point of view still runs rampant in the music itself, with an authentic and thorough reflection of women in country music. They come off as strong, assertive women that know exactly what they’re thinking and aren’t afraid to say it. Just as Girl In A Country Song spoke to a demographic that, in recent years, hasn’t had a voice in either radio or record sales; they ran with the girl power feel throughout the entirety of their four track EP. And I love it.


The out spoken Sierra wraps you up in steel guitar and hooky twang that you’ll sink into with ease. A song about the pitfalls of a materialistic outlook on life, they wax poetic about the karmic possibility that this sour attitude will cause the self-proclaimed princess to self destruct. It’s more social commentary from two young women that are not only listening to what is happening around them, but paying attention, and giving their two cents in a way that speaks to the modern young adult mindset.


The beautiful Fly sways like the wind, lush mandolin wanders beneath a stunning melody, mixing with violin for some truly intricate and stunning instrumentation. Their voices intertwine together at the most beautiful moments, creating a perfect harmony that settles the emotion into your soul. It’s a song about believing in yourself and having the courage to pick up the pieces of your life; even when it feels like you never can.


They get intense on the “don’t f**k with me” track Your Side Of Town. With songs like Gunpowder & Lead and Before He Cheats remaining timelessly popular, it would surprise me if this song didn’t take off with the female audience. Battling vocals and howling violin surge across a hard hitting beat, with an old school country feel that would fit in nicely on the stages of any local bluegrass haunt. The best part comes at the breakdown where everything comes together almost as if catching fire, bursting into flames with an energy and excitement that makes you want to hit the repeat button with the final note fades out.


If this is a preview of what’s to come on a full length release, I have to say, I want to hear that album now. These young women are coming at the genre with a no-holds-barred attitude that reflects not only in their words, but in the music itself. They come off as vibrant, educated, and hopeful; a mix that makes for some truly great lyrics.

Check out Your Side of Town below and let us know what you think of the EP after you pick it up on on iTunes now!



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