January Challenge: Kick Start 2015 with the Barre3 Challenge!

January Challenge: Kick Start 2015 with the Barre3 Challenge!

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It’s 2015! With a new year comes that rush of ideas, goals, and inspiration that fuels all of us for the next 12 months. Every year around this time people across the globe flock to the gym to begin the process of losing that Holiday weight all over again. And I’m definitely in that place.

Last year, after experimenting with the I Quit Sugar diet and seeing decent success (I lost almost 17 pounds between the lifestyle change and half marathon training), I’ve been seriously thinking about how to incorporate that whole foods lifestyle back into my life here in Nashville. Just last night I went out to a restaurant here that had a menu filled with friend food and very few healthy choices, even the salad was covered in suspicious sugar-bombs.

So, when a friend brought the Barre3 challenge to my attention via the lifestyle blog Real Food Whole Life, I was pretty excited to jump back into healthy living right away. The Barre3 Challenge lasts the entire month of January, and you can join by participating in classes online or at your local Barre3 studio. Since I don’t have the money (or time) to go to classes at a studio four times a week, I’ll be participating in the online classes.

What is Barre3? It’s a low impact workout that is designed to burn fat, build muscle and break through plateaus. For more info, check out this link.

The challenge consists of the following:

  • A group challenge that runs from January 5th – February 1st
  • 4 60-minute Barre3 classes per week (online, in studio, or both)
  • A Whole Foods diet
  • 1 additional 10-minute workout per week
  • A fun-filled kit to keep you inspired and encouraged which includes: a personal tracking system, Barre3 Glass Water Bottle, Barre3 tote, Weekly Challenge emails, seasonal recipes, and MORE!

Interested?? Right now you can join the challenge for 40% off of the sign-up amount of $33(which I did just yesterday!), so for just under $20! Sure, you might be a little behind on getting your goodies, but you’ll have instant access to the routines once you subscribe to the Barre3 website (an extra $15 for the month, but I do have this handy coupon code for ya!).


Whether or not you want to join the challenge with me, I’m excited to share this new journey with you. Check back every Monday for my progress updates, gripes, and some recipes I tried out during the last week. If you’re going to do it with me, be sure to follow along on Twitter (@JukeboxMixtape) and let me know how you’re doing! The more support we give each other, the more likely we are to succeed!

You can join the challenge here! I hope to see you guys participating and getting your new year off to an AMAZING start!

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