Nashville Beat: Exploring East Nashville’s Vintage Scene

Nashville Beat: Exploring East Nashville’s Vintage Scene

I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on vintage stores, but I like to think that the friend showing me around East Nashville last weekend knew a thing or two. I’ve never felt like I was very good at walking into a vintage store and finding things that fit my weird mix of styles. I usually sit somewhere in the middle of contemporary, classic, and shabby chic. Like everything else in my life, I don’t point to one thing over all the others.

That’s why Nashville vintage stores seem designed for me. Every single place I walked into had something (or a lot of somethings) that caught my eye. While there are a plethora of amazing places to choose from, I had to narrow it down to my top five. Check out the list below (in NO particular order)!

photoPony Show

Pony Show is that perfect mix of old and new. With everything from locally handmade jewelry, cards, and candles to vintage cowboy boots and ripped up, custom made t-shirts, whatever you’re looking for you’re bound to find here. It’s small but carries just the right amount of inventory to make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed by your choices. The selection of cowboy boots is something to behold and the candles, which were one of my purchases of the day, smell absolutely delicious. On top of all that, the owner is an artist, and her Nashville-centric artwork makes you want to buy everything that’s hanging on the walls. It’s a definite must see for any Nashville local or visitor.


Live True VintageEast-Nashville-32

For true vintage lovers, this is the place to go. Tammy has an absolutely insane collection of old pieces that fill three rooms (one of which is practically a garage). From flannels to cowboy boots, old concert tees and 1960’s dresses, it’s literally got a little of everything. Even better than the wide selection of clothing is the insane prices. You can get a whole new wardrobe here for under $50, and leave knowing that it’s been kept in the best possible condition until it made its way into your closet.



Artisan East. Goods & Good Finds.

The name literally says it all. Everything in here is a good find. There wasn’t one single thing in this store that I didn’t want to buy. From the art, which showcases a selection of popular quotes and lyrics, to the gorgeous handcrafted jewelry hanging from necklace trees; everything was completely desirable. We stumbled across this store when we were driving by and had to stop in. And, of course, I left with a little something special that reminded me of a friend of mine. While it’s more new inventory than vintage, any Pinterest obsessed person would have a complete heyday in this place. Everything is classic, beautiful, and full of personality. This was one of my favorite stops of the day, for sure.


This is another one that isn’t exactly vintage. While they definitely have a few vintage trinkets, most of 1960028_735319693225484_7480317439459073761_nthe specialty in this store is the handmade metal, jewelry, and bags. Of all the ones I went into, this was definitely more on the pricey side, but what you’re getting is well worth the money. If you’re the type that likes to hang metal words up on your wall, or have a unique light hanging from your ceiling, you’ll most likely find that here. Add to that their cute t-shirt collection and ridiculously stunning leather purses, and it’s pretty much a dream come true for any fashionable hipster with some money to spare.


Hang the Moon

This consignment store is new to East Nashville, and by the looks of it, it’s bound to do well. They carry mostly clothing, though they’re set to expand shortly, so their inventory might do so as well. I walked in to a display of coats that was completely irresistible. I didn’t even get much farther than the doorstep and had already fallen in love with a beautiful cashmere coat that looked like it stumbled right out of the Mad Men costume room. A small room full of dresses, pants, unique shirts, big belt buckles, and so much more… this store has serious staying power. It caters to what East Nashvillians seem to love the most, vintage uniqueness bold enough to be a conversation starter.

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