Now Playing: The Lone Bellow “Cold As It Is”

Now Playing: The Lone Bellow “Cold As It Is”

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You knew this was going to happen, didn’t you? When The Lone Bellow comes out with a new song, it pretty much guarantees my day is going to be just fine. It’s no different with this new single, “Cold As It Is” which features everything any Bellow fan expects from the band. Callback chorus, lush harmonies, and tons of beautiful lyrics that flow off of your tongue like pure poetry. There’s still that simple aesthetic to everything they do, even as their music starts to fluctuate to a little more of a mainstream sound here. A little less dark and twisty, and a lot more hope gets injected into this unconventional love song. What I love about every one of there songs, and what remains true here, is the feeling that they’re performing in front of you as you listen. Their voices float effortlessly off the track as if wandering through the hallowed rooms of venues like The Wiltern or the Ryman. Their recordings capture their bluesy vocal sensibilities with ease, projecting them from a one dimensional recording into a 3D sound that sweeps you away. It’s magic. It always is.

Basically, what I’m saying, is that you have to listen to it. Then you HAVE to buy their new album “Then Came The Morning” on January 27th. Because if the three new songs on Spotify are any indication, it’s going to blow us all out of the water.


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