Nashville Beat: Support the Lisa Ross Parker Foundation at Music City Mardi Gras on Friday!

Nashville Beat: Support the Lisa Ross Parker Foundation at Music City Mardi Gras on Friday!

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I think it’s safe to say that all of us have been affected by cancer in one form or another. Whether it was watching someone struggle with it or being the survivor, it’s an unfortunate part of life that we desperately are in search of a cure for. The Lisa Ross Parker Foundation was born from a mixture of love and loss. Janet Ross started the foundation after she lost her sister Lisa to leukemia in 2001, and the organization has been going strong through fundraising efforts and events like Music City Mardi Gras since then. As a Foundation, they’ve raised close to $500,000 in the past 10 years and have donated over $125,000 directly to the myelosuppression unit at Vanderbilt Medical Center. That’s the inpatient floor where treatments for leukemia, lymphoma and other blood related cancers take place. Additionally, they’ve donated tens of thousands of dollars to local animal welfare organizations. Another issue that Lisa Ross was passionate about during her life time.

This year, the LRP Foundation welcomes back Terri Clark, an artist that has been hugely supportive since the inception of the event in 2005. On the 10th Anniversary of the event, an opportunity to bring awareness and support to cancer suvirvors and families across the world, they’re ready to do everything they can to make it the best event yet. Supporting Terri will be one of my favorite up-and-coming duos, The Lovelocks, as well as an evening full of excitement and entertainment.

Music City Mardi Gras will be held at Vanderbilt University and the ticket price includes a silent action, food and cash bar. It’s sure to be a night full of inspiring moments and sense of hope, something all of us could spend a night allowing into our lives. Come help raise money for an amazing cause while enjoying excellent music and company at the Vanderbilt Student Life Center (310 25th Ave South across from the Memorial Gym). You can still purchase tickets here, and don’t forget to follow the LRP Foundation on Twitter and like them on Facebook.


I hope to see you out at the event. Please let me know if you’ll be there so we can meet in person and I can say hello! Tweet me @JukeboxMixtape or drop a comment below.

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