The Definitive Grammy Best Dressed List (AKA My Favorites)

The Definitive Grammy Best Dressed List (AKA My Favorites)



I don’t know about you, but in my opinion this years Grammy Awards was kind of snoozeville, USA. What was it with everyone and their mother getting on stage to sing ballads? Even quintessential pop stars went out of character, all on the same night, to sing something that seemed almost out of character. Unfortunately, that also translated to the Red Carpet for me. What was with all the black? It honestly looked like everyone was going to a fancy funeral rather than a celebratory event.

Which, honestly, makes my job a hell of a lot easier this year. I present to you my favorite Grammy Red Carpet looks of 2015.

Gwen Stefani

Always a fashion forward personality, she went out side the box, but not totally out of control. Which I appreciate. I love that she went for a cute jumpsuit rather than the typical beautiful dress.

Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman

Still a lot of black. But still a lot of adorable cute, married-couple-ness. I dig it. And how amazing does Nicole look?

Toni Braxton

She went super bold in white and looks like an Egyptian princess while doing so.

Miranda Lambert

Looking super sexy in black, with a splash of pink, she was definitely one of the winners of the night. And her performance outfit was a game changer.

Dierks Bentley 

Another eye-catching white ensemble that definitely made him stand out among most of the men wearing dark colors. Loved seeing him on the carpet, loved seeing him in this. It was a win/win.

Who do you think was best dressed? What was your favorite moment at the Grammys?

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