This @HotDudesReading Instagram is a Game Changer.

This @HotDudesReading Instagram is a Game Changer.

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THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. We will return to Nashville fangirling after this message.

Listen, I lived in NYC for two years and it is practically a melting pot of hot, well read, impossible-not-to-stare at men. I mean, living there can make a woman feel like a construction worker when it comes to full on gawking. So, I’d like to thank the individual that decided to capture all this glory for the worldwide web in the form of an amazing instagram account simply titled Hot Dudes Reading.

@HotDudesReading is everything you need in your life on a daily basis. Especially if you’re of the single lady variety (IE me and my cat lady status) and live in the south were every male individual over the age of 21 is married. Sidenote: Can you all not be married? Thanks.

Anyway, rather than stealing their thunder and posting all their wondrous pictures, just go look at them yourself. Special thanks to my LP co-worker of awesomeness, Michelle, for sharing this with the ladies.

Enjoy and tell me who your favorite Hot Dude Reading is!



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  1. OMG! I’m sharing this with all my New York girlfriends now! This is is hysterical! I wonder if more guys are going to start riding the subway with books hoping to get photographed. lol.

    • JukeboxMixtape

      LITERALLY so fun! I shared it with all my girlfriends as well. It’s too perfect… hahaha!

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