Weekend Spin: Kip Moore’s “I’m to Blame” is on repeat.

Weekend Spin: Kip Moore’s “I’m to Blame” is on repeat.

I’m going to kick off your weekend in the best way possible. Because if you haven’t already listened to Kip Moore’s new track, “I’m to Blame” then I’m throwing it in your face. I have to be real with you, the downside to this song is that it’s 2 minutes (and some change) long. It needs to be longer.

Other than that, it’s quintessential Kip Moore song, wrapped up with his personal flaws and unique traits Im-to-Blamethat have made fans across the country gravitate to him on an almost underground level. People probably don’t think twice about his fanbase until they see that this track went into the top five within the first 24 hours of release on iTunes. They show up, because they know whats good.

Hand claps¬†are layered under an intense, rambling banjo that perfectly fits Moore’s raspy, no-nonsense attitude. An attitude that fills every lyric and melody of this feel good, “you do you” track. It’s everything that fans love about Moore, wrapped in to 2 minutes and 16 seconds. It’s exciting, it makes you want to misbehave, and you really won’t be able to get enough of it.

And if anything, it’s making everyone even more crazy about what’s to come.¬†Because one thing is clear, whatever comes next, this fan base WANTS IT.

LASTLY, vote for Kip for ACM New Artist of the Year. Because, lets be serious, we don’t want Sam Hunt to win. (JK YOU DO YOU, SAM HUNT.) No, but really.

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