Motivational Monday: Brian James & The Revival will electrify your Monday.

Motivational Monday: Brian James & The Revival will electrify your Monday.

10492113_542916832502790_4226098252793799427_nBetter late than never. That’s what they always say, right? I had a little bit of a tooth issue this weekend which left me annoyed, frustrated and bed ridden most of yesterday. Factor in a full day of work, and Motivational Monday nearly slipped away from me. But now you get to enjoy it right in to Tuesday, so… you’re welcome!

While out with friends on Friday night I somehow ended up in Kimbros ¬†in Franklin, taking in one of the most fascinating and awe-inspiring live performances I’ve seen in a long, long time. I’d been told of Brian James & The Revival by a co-worker who has endless amounts of amazing taste in music, but it really takes seeing this band live to get a full sense of what they’re about. Their uninhibited blues rock style combined with Brian James insatiable live energy makes for one of the most explosive shows you’ll ever see. Let alone in a venue like Kimbros, it’s the equivalent of setting off fireworks in your grandmothers living room.

In all seriousness, there’s not a single member of this band that can’t blow other musicians out of the water with the sheer talent they possess. From Steve Hanner howling away on the harmonica to Kenny Zarider moving his fingers on the keys so quickly you can hardly register where they’re going, not to mention Liam Graham laying down the grooves on the bass. It’s intense. It’s exactly the kind of show everyone should experience their life time.


So do me a favor, even if it’s Tuesday when you’re reading this, head over to iTunes and lose yourself in the sultry sounds of Brian James & The Revival. Then drop me a comment and let me know what you think or tweet me @JukeboxMixtape.






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