Motivational Monday Music: Spotlight on The Cains Trio

Motivational Monday Music: Spotlight on The Cains Trio

There were 11009986_404154479759980_5365995458611899622_na lot of really exceptional moments during CRS week. It was one of those discovery experiences that you take with you on every little adventure and try to duplicate. For me, experiencing a band for the first time and falling in love with what they’re doing is the very essence of why I started writing about music in the first place. Housed somewhere on the 17th floor of the Renaissance Hotel, there was a up-and-coming band doing a showcase in one of the small suites, inviting people in throughout the night to gather around on sofas with cheese and crackers and intimately introduce the music. This band was The Cains Trio, and the moment they picked up guitars and started playing, you couldn’t help but be hooked.

Alabama natives and siblings Taylor, Madison, and Logan Cain bring subtle harmonies and authentic instrumentation to every single song on their debut album Stay On Board. From their wildly harmonic cover of Folsom Prison Blues to their beautifully mid-tempo track, Be Yourself With Me, they take pride in their sound. Gentle voices waiver over lush melodies to craft music that is based so effortlessly in the songwriting that the story takes on a mind of its own. More than that, when they’re performing they’re having fun, it radiates from their playing and infiltrates the room. Whether or not you know the songs they’re singing doesn’t even matter anymore, they draw you in and make you a fan within seconds.

I love a lot of things about music but The Cains Trio seems to encompass the aspects I respect the most. Gorgeous songwriting, effortless harmonies, and an attitude of humble excitement that builds itself into each audience. They made a fan out of me within the first minute of their first song, and I’ve been so excited to share my love of them with my readers. Be sure check them out on iTunes as well as all their social media channels.



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