Nashville Nights: Sarah Buxton pays tribute to Billy Davis

Nashville Nights: Sarah Buxton pays tribute to Billy Davis

Last week Sarah Buxton performed an emotional show at 3rd and Lindsley in honor of her friend, and talented musician, Billy Davis. The show was meant to be a fundraiser and tribute to Paris Landing’s album Toast, though turned into something of a memorial when Billy passed away the day before. Despite the heaviness of the evening, there was plenty of laughter and light to be had, especially in the way that Sarah allowed herself to get lost in each and every track.

He voice, soulful and fluid, meandered flawlessly over tracks like “Souvenir,” just barely being able to hold back her tears as she let the lines fall from her lips. The ballad, “Lover In Me,” the very last song of the night, was hands down one of her best performances yet. Just her voice and piano flying high throughout a completely silent room. It had been a long time since I’d seen Sarah perform, but seeing her outside of the country music element was a real treat. She connected with each song and conveyed those feelings to everyone in the audience. By the end of the last song, I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, for more than one reason.

I don’t know much about Billy Davis, but his songs contained some truly amazing stories and larger than life personalities. If the man was anything like the writer, it’s understandable that he left such a lasting impression on everyone on the room last week.

You can pick-up Paris Landing on iTunes if you’re into soulful rock music. If you’re a Sarah fan, I’ve included some of my pictures from the show below.


Opening act, Erin Viancourt.


Opening act, Erin Viancourt.






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