Weekend Spin: Blackberry Smoke, Kacey Musgraves, The Vantage & Stephen Wesley

Weekend Spin: Blackberry Smoke, Kacey Musgraves, The Vantage & Stephen Wesley


Nashvile – Did you feel that weather heat up this week? Those two beautiful, glorious, amazing days of sunshine. There just aren’t enough words in the dictionary to convey how happy I was. I even went running. Twice. This song by Stephen Wesley, All Night Long, came along at just the right time. It’s a party hard, summer ready song about soaking in the sunshine and raging with friends. The feel good song and video features Stephen Harwell from Smash Mouth along with Mattie Breaux from Party Down South and Jason Acuña of Jackass. If all you want to do is throwback a shot of whiskey and forget that winter ever existed, then this is the video you want to have spinning all weekend.



Fans of classic country will find everything they need in Blackberry Smoke’s new video for Too High. The cool slide of steel guitar melds into the Willie Nelson-inspired sound, with a perfect sing-a-long hook that’s doused in gritty attitude. With a respected sound and a vast audience of fans, their recent album Holding All the Roses went to number one on the Billboard Country charts in late February and has currently sold over 25,000 units. The unique mix of indie rock and rebel country has found a place all its own in the heart of country music fans, and one listen to this song will show you that’s no surprise. Check out the video for Too High below:

Austin-based indie-pop duo, The Vantage, will put you in the mood to run out there and soak up the sun. The slamming drums and soaring vocals on A Place In The Water come together with an invigorating synth-pop sound that captures your attention in a nano-second. It makes you want to get up and dance, or roll your windows down and lose yourself in a warm summer breeze. It could not be released at a better time. The band made their live debut in Austin, Texas in 2013 during SXSW, performing alongside budding acts, American Authors and The Mowgli’s. They fired back with the release of their single “On My Way,” which quickly picked up a buzz online, garnering over 350K views on SoundCloud to date. They released their EP Color Blind in July of 2014 alongside a performance on Alcatraz island with Young The Giant. But their truly infectious second single A Place In The Water is a runaway hit that you won’t be able to stop listening to. Check it out below!

The Vantage Press Photo

Biscuits. Who knew that they would be the title of a really badass song some day? Kacey Musgraves slays AGAIN with this tongue-in-cheek track that’s bound to spark a whole new phrase. It’s bouncy enough to get you moving but smart enough to keep you listening. I fell in love with Kacey for her honest and intelligent way of writing songs without a pretention. She’s this beautiful middle ground in songwriting that there just isn’t enough of and she managed to prove that even further with this new track. All about minding your own business and allowing people to be who they are, it not only possesses a pretty positive, spot on message, but it’s done with a sweet twist. On Tuesday I had it on repeat. I just couldn’t get enough! Check out the track below if you haven’t already had the chance to hear it.


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