Weekend Spin: Humming House, Ruelle & More!

Weekend Spin: Humming House, Ruelle & More!

I’ve been a fan of Humming House for a good year and a half now. There’s something about their feel-good harmonies and sweet mix of folky bluegrass beats that make your ears perk up and listen. They pride themselves on beautiful arrangements, unique insturmentation, and lush melodies that flood from the heavens. Practically. I’m completely in love with everything they do, not to mention the enchanting energy they bring to every one of their tracks. Their new single, Great Divide, off their new up-coming album, Revelries (out on March 24th), gives fans everything they could ask for from this Nashville based band. It makes you want to hit the repeat button and dance around your apartment with wild abandon. For a band that has done nothing but explode in the last year, playing festival after festival, and building a respected name; it shouldn’t really be a surprise that their new music brings it all to the table.


Check out the video for Great Divide and add it into this weekends rotation!



unnamedThey’re calling Sammy Hakim the future of women in country music, and while it might be a bit early for such declorations, she definitely has a way of setting herself apart. Of her newest single, Empty Bottle, she says “I’m extremely excited to release this new song to the world. It’s a lot of fun and I want people to have a great time while they listen to it.” The bubbly country-pop track is doused in summery sunshine from start to finish, and Sammy’s soulful vocals fill up the melody with champagne sweetness. There are bound to be plenty of girls running around singing this song at the top of their voices, probably after brunch in the humid heat of the southern summer. I’m into it, it’s fun and a bit funky, especially with that jaunty banjo banging along with the beat.


You can get Empty Bottle on iTunes now and take a listen below!

Since its inception in 2012, Rocket & The Ghost has been creating what has been described as “a wildly dynamic mix of thunderous beats and razor sharp hooks” (Independent Music Awards). Formerly of the band London Souls, bandleader Kiyoshi Matsuyama knows how to tell good stories, and Rocket & The Ghost’s addictively “refreshing blend of Americana [with] rock n’ roll grit” (Pancakes & Whiskey) is the ultimate platform for telling them. But on Better Than Before they take us back in time to the pop infused rock of the 80’s, with a bumping beat and rushing vocal chorus that inspires movement, while lead singer Kiyoshi’s Prince-esque vocals adds serious flair. Eclectic and fun, with sizzling synths that make you feel like you’ve taken a trip back to the Roxy circa 1985, there’s an undeniable sense of adventure. It’s a well written with a melodic backbone that makes you want to dance. And if we’re being honest, isn’t that the whole point?

Check out the music video below and pick-up the song on iTunes!


unnamedThis past January, Nashville-based artist Ruelle released her debut EP, Up In Flames. The EP is a collection of dark, electronic-pop songs written and recorded specifically for TV/Film.  After her haunting songs began finding their way onto television shows and films like The Loft, The SlapRevengeThe OriginalsSleepy HollowReckless, and DaVinci’s Demons, Maggie Eckford decided to bring them all together in an EP under the new artist name, Ruelle. When you take one listen to the title track, Up In Flames, you can understand the inclination to get the music out there. It’s slinks across a booming beat, with a Frou Frou style that is all together intoxicating. Beyond that, there’s a frightening string arrangement that pulses through each chorus, a focal point that delivers the track to brand new heights. Her voice ebbs and flows, becoming just as much a part of the instrumentation as it is part of the melody. Her music is unusual, but in the best way possible.


Take a listen to Up In Flames below and purchase her EP of the same name on iTunes now.


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