Nashville Beat: Jocelyn Arndt Delivers Powerful Performance @ Acme in Nashville!

Nashville Beat: Jocelyn Arndt Delivers Powerful Performance @ Acme in Nashville!

Jocelyn Arndt is a woman with a big voice. If you remember my interview with her and her brother back in January, you’ll be reminded of the sheer power of her voice, and the way they fearlessly tackle a mix of genres on their debut Strangers in Fairyland. I had the opportunity to catch them again when they returned to Nashville at ACME Feed & Seed in downtown. This was a completely different feel from their last show at the Indigo, in a huge venue with a large variety of people moving through; but they managed to bring a serious energy to the stage.

On top of the whole new energy, there was also the fact that this was a full band set, delivering a raw, unadulterated atmosphere to the songs that more authentically connected with what you hear on their album tracks. The entire collectively came alive in this setting, feeding off the energy of the crowd, letting the sound fly around the room the way it was meant to. Jocelyn, who is always a spot on vocalist, delivered a beautifully, intense performance that really showcased her powerful and engaging personality. For such a young band only just venturing out on their own journey, they really took the opportunity to show Nashville what they’re made of, leaving an impression on everyone that had the chance to catch their 45 minute set.

You can find Jocelyn’s future tour dates at their official website, and if you get the chance, I urge you to go. I brought friends along with me that night, and every single one of them was blown away by the power and uniqueness of the bands set. Be sure to pick-up a copy of their debut, Strangers in Fairyland as well!


Check out some photos of the performance below!



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