When Fashion Meets Music: Michaelis Hit Those Stylish High Notes

When Fashion Meets Music: Michaelis Hit Those Stylish High Notes

photo 3The sisters that make up the dynamic country trio, Michaelis, possess a unique mix of classic and contemporary style that bleeds right into their music. My love for them began almost two years ago when I stumbled across their sultry track, Shoot Straight, and I basically couldn’t stop singing their praises from that moment on. Comprised of sisters Meagan, on lead vocals, Mallory, killing that rhythm guitar and languid low harmonies and, Madeline who serves as the trio’s multi-instrumentalist on lead guitar and mandolin. The Texas natives came to Nashville with the intention of making a name for themselves, and they’ve more than succeeded, playing multiple showcases during last years CMA Fest, playing shows across the country with iconic artists and even getting written up on RollingStone.com. More importantly, they recently released their self-titled debut album, giving us die hard fans a 9-track treat full of effortlessly tight harmonies, emotional meets inspirational lyrics, and the kind of independent female attitude that should be dominating the radio airwaves.

To sum it up, they’re one of those bands you listen to once and instantly become a fan of. They have an undeniable charisma and energy that probably has something to do with that sisterly bond; they just radiate good vibes. It comes out in the music and is written all over everything from their personality to their fashion sense. Which brings me to one of the other reasons I adore them. They’re style is on point. Both individually and as a group. They can go from rocking a casual t-shirt to a crop top; and it all looks effortlessly cool. When I decided to start the When Fashion Meets Music column, they were one of the first groups that came to my mind. I’ve never once seen them in something that didn’t want to make me raid their closet. Check out my quick interview below to get to know Michaelis and their unique sense of style.




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Mallory livens up her basic black with Southwestern touches.


How would you describe your personal fashion sense? 
Meagan:  White + a pop of bright color. Feminine. Sporty Spice. 
Mallory: Black. Classic. WWRLD (What would Ralph Lauren do?) 
Madeline: Chic. Glam. Blake Lively 4 Life. 
What current trends do you tend to gravitate towards and how do you make them unique to who you are?
Meagan: I tend to be pretty unaware of trends. I stick to what I like, which is usually either very classic or like a five year old getting dressed.
Mallory: I look to European style trends. Simple and modern. I also like the masculine look for women right now…. I even wear cologne sometimes, I feel like it makes me play guitar better. I always make things have a southwestern flair with my Shannon Kozyk jewelry too. 
Madeline: Whatever is trending on Pinterest! Haha! I’m a typical American girl when it comes to fashion. I like things that accentuate my waist. 
What local Nashville shops or designers are you in love with? What is about them?
Madeline rocking her signature sparkle.
Ani & Ari are very talented, they dress many of the female country artists for award shows and performances. We had them make us a few custom pieces. They’re very talented, have great taste, and really try to make it special just for you. H. Audrey-Holly William’s has AMAZING TASTE.  Haven in Franklin, TN.- Chic chic chic. They have things you just don’t see out at the mall, pieces and brands that stand out and stand the test of time. 
When getting ready to hit the stage, what item (clothing, shoes, accessory) makes you feel like a superstar and why?
Meagan: My freebird boots. And usually shorts. I like to be a little sporty so I can dance on stage.
Madeline: Sparkly dress. I just like to shine, I’m the youngest!
Mallory: Combat boots.
Fashion and music both inspire people across the world. What music inspires you to feel and look good when you’re listening?

Beyonce and the fun female empowering energy she has makes me confident in my body. Justin Timberlake is also on in our dressing room before shows. We basically have a dance party before every show… like coordinated dance moves…. it’s a sister thing.

Meagan in a menswear inspired outfit


 Bonus: What artist(s) do you think have a killer sense of style?
Meagan: I just wanna be Shania Twain, but who doesn’t?
Mallory: Holly Williams, obviously.
Madeline: Katy Perry and Lana Del Rey


Be sure to follow Michaelis on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter and pick up a copy of their debut album now! Then check out the gallery below featuring some of their favorite fashion moments and pieces.




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  1. They are awesome! One of their songs (not telling you which one haha) is my favorite song in the world, for very personal reasons, on top of it being a shining example of vocal perfection. And, what I believe are the two outright best female (lead vocal) voices in country music today–Meagan Michaelis and Katie Armiger–both hail from Sugar Land, Texas; there must be something about that place.

    • JukeboxMixtape

      I totally agree. I’m a huge supporter of females in music and they encompass everything I adore. So glad to see their fanbase growing day by day. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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