Must Listen: The Cains New Single “Journey’s End”

Must Listen: The Cains New Single “Journey’s End”

My relationship with The Cains was love at first listen, and they only solidify my feelings with their new single, Journey’s End. The inspirational up-tempo showers you in hope, faith, and reflection. One of the best parts is the fulidity between the lead singers, transitioning from male to female voices with such ease that you almost don’t even notice they’ve done it. The vocals wash over the pounding drums, infusing every moment with an invigorated energy and sense of movement, which gives the story a whole new life.

This is by far my favorite Cain’s release yet. It embodies everything that they’re about; vocals, harmonies, and inspiring moments of storytelling magic. I’m so excited to see where this track takes them, because it feels like it can stand the test of time among other vocal groups, while being unique enough to stand on it’s own as something different.

Take a listen to Journey’s End, then pick it up on the iTunes store!



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