MUST SEE @ CMA FEST: Olivia Lane Brings The Sugar & Spice!

MUST SEE @ CMA FEST: Olivia Lane Brings The Sugar & Spice!

Olivia Lane has the voice of an angel and the attitude of a misfit. Her newest single, You Part 2 views a break-up from the point in which you tell your loser ex to get lost, realizing that you’re much better off without them. It’s exactly this firecracker songwriting that has garnered her so much attention in Music City, allowing her opportunity to open for artist like Randy Houser, Frankie Ballard, and Wynonna Judd. The Houston, TX native, who recently signed with Big Spark Music Group, is making waves with her witty mix of banjo-fueled country and sugary sweet pop that is bound to put her on the airwaves alongside Kelsea Ballerini and Florida Georgia Line.

Olivia’s debut single, Steal Me Away was featured on, becoming the driving force behind her being added to the CMT Listen Up Discovery Music program 2015, as well as features on GAC, CMT Pure, and ZUUS. Her EP, Love Thing, was featured on iTunes New & Noteworthy and is available now on the platform. To add to all these awesome accomplishments, she’s part of iHeartRadio’s Rising Star campaign, one of only five emerging Country artists to be chosen, and is jetting off to embark on her first radio tour across the country. One of her stops this summer includes The Wild Horse CMA stage at CMA Fest, which is why I’ve picked her as one of the MUST SEE artists of the festival.

Check out our quick interview below!


Tell me a little bit about the inspiration behind your new single, You Part 2?YouPart2CoverArt

That song stems from my personal life. Not all of my music usually does, but this one did. It was a long time coming, I really wanted to write a song that was on the other side of the break-up, where you’re stronger and more independent. I want my characters in my songs to be strong females. I think that a lot of country radio needs that right now. It’s an up-tempo, sassy, breaking-up-but-I’m-over-you song. I was in the writing room with my co-writer and produced, and I don’t know, I guess I had just been listening to Nelly… I came up with  a melody idea with that vibe of “You Want To Take A Ride With me.” It became a truthful, hip-hop influenced meets country break-up song.

People really respond to it live, too. I’ll look at my guitar player after we perform and people are just going crazy and dancing. That’s ultimately what I want people to feel. I want them to feel good and empowered when they listen to it!


You’ve been opening for some great artist recently. But who would you love to tour with or record a duet with?

There are so many! I would love to go on tour with someone that I could learn from. Especially me, I want to be an entertainer, I don’t want to just stand there and sing songs.  Someone with very high energy. Maybe Keith Urban, or if Taylor Swift were still doing the country thing. Just learning how to balance the artist with the spectacle. Even Rascal Flatts or Sara Evans, any big female… Reba would be my absolute. She’s just brilliant, the woman I really want to model my career after. Definitely someone that would be an entertainer and an artist, because I think you have to find a delicate balance between those two things, and I still have a lot to learn there.


You’ll be performing at CMA Fest this year, have you ever been before?

Yes! Last year I was there hosting an event called Diva Jam, which I’ll be doing again this year. It’s all female-driven about female empowerment. I’m really excited about that. It’s just a female songwriters round of about 12 girls.  And them I’m working on getting on a few more stages throughout the city as well.


Who would be your Must See artist this year? 

I would be super stoked to see… there are a ton of girls that are just killing it right now. I’d love to see Kelsea Ballerini, Haley & Michaels, they’re a really cool duo. The Brothers Osborne, I loooove them! There’s some really good music right now. Mickey Guyton, I love all the girls that are out there fighting to be on the radio. Oh, and Mo Pitney!  I played a show with him and he’s just fabulous. There are too many people, that’s the problem!


You’ve accomplished so much this year, what has been the most memorable experience you’ve had so far?


Man… there are so many! I’ve been getting this question a lot and it’s always something new! I think right now it would be when I was playing a show in Detroit, the 12 Man Jam. I was on a round with Randy Houser, Brothers Osborne, and Josh Turner. I was the only girl, so naturally, I was a nervous wreck.  Randy Houser was hosting the round, so he was the first one to perform, and he comes up to me and I was like “Randy, you’re amazing!” Just totally fangirled. And he was like, “Oh yeah! I just listened to your music and I love that song ‘In The Headlights.” And I was just blown away that he did research on me and said he liked my music! It should totally be the other way around. The commeraderie that someone like Randy Houser had for me, when he didn’t really know me at all, and he still treats me with the kindness and respect that he would any other person… it’s just really becoming real being on stage with these people and being a part of their world. All the hard work feels like it’s finally coming together. That was a really cool moment for me.


You’re going out on the road a lot, doing the radio tours with iHeartRadio, but what’s up next for you?


We’re really focusing on building You Part 2 at radio and making that happen as the next single. The music video will most likely hit around June, but we’ve got the lyric video out now. I’m going on the road as much as possible, opening for Eastin Corbin at the end of the summer, then opening for RaeLyn. Really just trying to get as many opening slots as I can! It’s all about getting myself out there right now. I also have this big scheme to get an acoustic mixtape out there hopefully over the summer, just to get my music out there and let people hear what I’m all about!


Be sure to check out Olivia when she hits the stage at Diva Jam, and keep your eyes and ears peeled for her during CMA Fest.

What do you think of You Part 2? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @JukeboxMixtape.

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