Weekend Spin: Big Voices & Harmonies Galore

Weekend Spin: Big Voices & Harmonies Galore


Jenny Tolman – Damn Cigarettes

Everything from the sweet pull of the steel guitar to the gentle sway of the rhythm makes this song addicting as hell. Jenny’s voice, a cool and steady alto, dips and flows effortlessly over every single heartbreaking line. “I’m bound to get burnt, wondering if it’s you or the second hand that will do me in first…” are lyrics that perfectly sum up the sometimes dirty side of how we fall in love with each other, even when it’s so wrong for us. From the very first verse I knew I was going to be in love with the smart, authentic way she tells the story of falling for the bad boy. Be sure to check out her debut self-tilted debut EP on iTunes now!

The Speedbumps – Strikes and Gutters

Ohio-based band, The Speedbumps, debut an invigorating style on on of their new tracks Strikes and Gutters. Their subtle mix of Americana and Folk with the tiniest hit of pop melodies, is enough to make you hit that repeat button. They remind me of a mix between Mumford & Sons and The Lone Bellow, with lush harmonies and feet stomping rhythms that are tangled among thoughtful lyrics and beautiful melodies. Their new album, Soil to the Seed, came out earlier this week and deserves a posting all it’s own. But I’ll get there in time. For now, enjoy the video for the first single Done Treading Water, off their debut album and then check out the album track, Strikes and Gutters.



Rachel Potter – Tail Lights

There’s something about Rachel Potter that reminds me so much of late 90’s country music. When Martina and Deana and Sara were taking over the airwaves, showcasing their incredible voices on every single they released, really giving the genre something to talk about. Rachel does exactly that on her newest single, Tail Lights. The track, about finally having the nerve to get out of a bad situation and leave it behind for good, flourishes under the intensity and power of her vocals. Every chorus has the awe-inspiring lift to give you chills and make you feel the thrill of letting go. If you only listen to one track today, let this be it. Then take a chance and check out the rest of her amazing new album, Not So Black And White.

Amanda Watkins – If I Was Over You

I’ve been waiting for new music from Amanda Watkins pretty much since Miss Willie Brown disbanded. Her new song, If I Was Over You features Jamey Johnson, and it’s a beautiful blues-inspired ballad with phenomenal vocals. Their two voices were meant to sing together and that becomes immediately apparent when the very first chorus hits. One thing is certain, with this new release there’s nothing but anticipation building around Amanda’s debut solo album, and I’ll be one of the first in line to pick it up. Check out the track below.


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