Weekend Spin: Let’s get boy crazy.

Weekend Spin: Let’s get boy crazy.



Chris Stapleton – Parachute

I don’t know how to put in to words how much I love this song. The way his vocals slay every moment of this banjo-fueled track, to the rush of emotions that hit me when I listen to it, right back around to that authentic blues-inspired sound dripping out of every damn moment. It’s impossible to turn off. The entire album is, but there’s something about this song that really gets me in the gut. And, huge shocker here, it’s not a ballad. It’s not often I can get behind the emotion of an uptempo song (it takes a really great lyricist), and this guy has it in the bag. If you haven’t already (I’m sure you have), GO. GET. THIS. ALBUM. iTunes.


Steven Tyler – Love Is Your Name

I still kind of can’t believe that Steven Tyler is releasing a country album. I grew up listening to Aerosmith, there’s not a point in my life where I don’t remember having one of their songs on a mixtape (back when those were a thing). Now, here he is, timidly crossing over into the genre that captured my heart. While this is a soft country track, it does have the makings of something good. There’s not a single bro-country feel to be found here. But there’s plenty of jaunty rhythms and melodic moments wavering beneath some pretty awesome instrumentation. Plus, his voice. I mean, he’s Steven Tyler. I’d love for him to get a bit gritter when it comes to the release of an album, but I’d say this is a solid start. Grab it now.



Michael McArthur – Lighting Nights

There’s something about a tender, soft ballad that gets me every time. Michael McArthur possess a sweet, floating falsetto that virtually becomes one with the hum of the guitar, and folk/pop tracks reminiscent of Adam Levine and Maroon 5’s timid early years. The romantic song remains a gentle meander of music throughout the acoustic video, allowing the vocals to breathe and fill the space that’s empty of other instrumentation. It’s truly beautiful, and I could easily see this track getting picked up for placement in television or movies. It possesses just the right amount of movement and is flush with emotion, that you can almost envision a beautiful scene playing along with it as you listen. If you dig the song, be sure to take a listen to his full length album that was released last year, Magnolia, where you’ll find a bit of a different vibe throughout each track. Check out the acoustic video and pick up the single on iTunes now.



The Cerny Brothers’ – Porch Lights

The fiery banjo on Porch Lights is what will immediately grab your attention. It fills the track with a wild energy that speeds right on through to the end, surrounded by a wash of harmonies and a reverberating rythm that shakes you right down to your bones. The song, “about being young, desperate, and hungry” comes alive in the music video, which features a life or death Bonnie and Clyde style love story. If you’re into the rythmic folk pop like Mumford & Sons or the Lumineers, you’ll find a sweet place of happiness among The Cerny Brothers. Even better? Their new album Sleeping Giant came out this week and can be purchased at our favorite store, iTunes. Check out the video for Porch Lights and be sure to let me know what you think.




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