CMA FEST 2015: Day 4 – Michael Ray, Ruthie Collins, Charlie Worsham & More!

CMA FEST 2015: Day 4 – Michael Ray, Ruthie Collins, Charlie Worsham & More!

Total honesty here. By the 4th day of CMA Fest I was so burnt out that I didn’t even make it to the end of the night. Still, I pushed myself as far as I could, mostly because I was incredibly excited by some of the people performing on Sunday.

For instance, I had to see Michael Ray take the stage on the Bud Light stage, if only because I was excited about the crowd he had the potential to draw. And he didn’t disappoint. All excitement and energy, he came onto the stage with the intention of conquering it, and he wasted no time doing just that.¬†Again, crowds were flooding out into the streets to catch a glimpse of this hot up-and-comer.

I stuck around to see Ruthie Collins for the first time. I fell in love with her music after I stumbled upon it on Spotify and she was one of the first people on my list of CMA artists to see over the weekend. She was amazing, charismatic, and hilarious. There’s something about a beautiful girl jamming on the banjo that speaks of real country music to me. I hope to get the chance to see her again. And soon. If you have the opportunity, please jump at it!

After that, we headed down to the Riverfront to get our Thompson Square on! I’d just seen them the week before at the Pandora Country event, but it was fun to see them playing to such a huge audience again.

Then it was on to David Ray (so many Ray’s in one day!) who I had been dying to see since the first time I caught him at Tootsie’s years ago. It was a laid back, acoustic set, nothing like the crazy band jams of Broadway nights. But it was amazing to see him in his element, performing his own music, for the very first time. Pretty sure he had a big collection of fans that had come to the Chevy Stage just to catch a glimpse as well.

After a little bit of downtime, we made the hike across the bridge to the BMI stage, where we caught the tail end of Danielle Bradbury‘s set. Of course, the reason for our hike was to see one of my favorites of all time, Mr. Charlie Worsham. I’ve said amazing things about him in the past, and all of those things still ring true. He’s by far one of the most talented young musicians in the Country genre right now, and he only gets better by the day (hour? minute?). Seriously, he’s grown so much and it’s such an honor as a fan to have the opportunity to witness that happen over a number of years. He’s been grinding hard, and he’s got a ways to go, but I have a feeling he’s going to have his time in the big spotlight really soon. Especially if his new tunes are any indication of that.

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