Nashville Nights: Whiskey Jam, Showcases, and Basements – Oh MY!

Nashville Nights: Whiskey Jam, Showcases, and Basements – Oh MY!

Almost every Monday night I head out to the college-aged melting pot that is Midtown Nashville to experience new artists at Whiskey Jam. Some nights are better than others, some have more emerging talents, others have some Nashville main stays. But there’s nothing better than seeing one of your friends get on stage and do her thing. I’ve already waxed poetic about how talented I think Katie Ohh is (and if you missed that, you can check it out here), so let me just say that it was great to see her in her element again. Keep your eye on this one, she’s got some sweet things cooking.

IMG_3057 IMG_3072


If you’re in Nashville for CMA Fest next week, Whiskey Jam at Winners is a must see experience. Also, Katie is playing, so find her!


This week I was also lucky enough to get to check out The Cains again. The group of siblings have been creating buzz around town with their sweet harmonies and adorable brotherly/sisterly banter. Needless to say, it was time for a showcase. I swear, there’s something magical about siblings when they sing, they lock in those harmonies like no other. It was awesome to get to see the full band and experience their energy first hand. Don’t forget to check out their new single, Journey’s End. It’s out now!


IMG_3075 IMG_3067

In the same night as The Cains showcase, I also zipped down the street to see the Jacob Martin Band for the first time. This band packs a huge punch when they take the stage, even in a small venue like the Basement, their energy is literally bouncing off the walls. It helps that they have extremely hooky songs that leaving you walking away humming the melody all night long. That’s not an exaggeration, my friends were singing Look At What You Started well into our dinner after the show. I think it’s safe to say I found yet another band that I’m rooting for. If you’re into country/pop-rock in the vein of Frankie Ballard, you’d really dig these tracks. Check them out and pick-up their new EP, Look At What You Started on iTunes now!

(Thanks to the ridiculous lighting in The Basement and my dying iPhone, these pictures are crap. Note to self: Bring your real camera from now on. Enjoy anyway! )



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